The Urban necklace from Twisted Silver

This fall, silhouettes are more structured and casual clothing has taken on an edgy yet comfortable vibe. With skinny jeans and black leather leggings being the go-to casual pants of the season, tops will automatically be long and have a natural flow to them. These types of ensembles call for a long and versatile necklace which offers the perfect symmetry to the season’s long sweaters, tee-shirts, tops and blouses.

The new “Urban” necklace from Twisted Silver offers a long necklace style in antiqued silver. The pendant offers a geometric, 1980’s vibe; yet is simple enough to work with a blazer or thrown over a long blouse andleather leggings.

The “Urban” necklace from Twisted Silver debuts online today at and is priced at $40. Use coupon code INSIDERS for a 15% discount. Happy shopping and stay fabulous 

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