Twisted Silver brings sunshine into our lives with the Aztec Bracelet

Twisted Silver has to be the most amazing jeweler from the San Francisco Bay Area! Just as the weather begins to warm up, Twisted Silver launches the beautiful “Aztec” Bracelet for the summer which features none other than a cheery sun! Love this!

Fashion for the summer 2012 season is playful and lighthearted; this makes Twisted Silver’s Aztec Bracelet the perfect addition to a Fashionista’s summer wardrobe. The cheery sun design offers a happy and sunny way to celebrate summer.

The Aztec Bracelet is a statement piece, which also works well with the current bold jewelry trend from the spring/summer 2012 runways. This bracelet is a stand-alone piece and looks amazing when worn by itself on the arm. Easy, playful, on-trend-love it!

The happy Aztec Bracelet is perfect for the summer season as it is made from sunny golden brass and has been carefully crafted into a warm sun. The bracelet is adjustable and can easily be worn on any size wrist. At a mere $40, the Aztec Bracelet is a budget-friendly way to incorporate a little sunshine into your daily life.
The Aztec Bracelet by Twisted Silver can be found online at Use coupon code INSIDERS for a 15% discount. 


Photo courtesy of Twisted Silver

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