Colorful watches for the summer 2012 season

Since spring and summer 2012 have been all about color, it is only natural that watches would follow suit. Gone are the days of the classic stainless steel watch. Summer 2012 is all about bright colored watches and pastel watches made from ceramic or rubber watch-bands. Any Swatch memories from the 1980’s coming to mind? Oh yes, they are back!

Watches this season are being shown in every bright hue imaginable, as well as every pastel shade which appeared on the Paris runways. In addition to bright and pastel hues, white ceramic watches are immensely popular due to the neutral nature of the shade.

The ceramic watches which are hot this season are being shown in many different sizes and also feature crystal or diamond bezels. White ceramic watches may just be the standout watch for the summer 2012 season.

In addition to white ceramic, ceramic watches can be found in every color imaginable; and shades such as canary yellow and Tangerine Tango have moved into the forefront of watch fashion. Rubber watchband styles are also huge this season and can be found in every shade under the sun. Shades of green, yellow and orange seen to be the standout pieces when it comes to the rubber watch band.

We found a few amazing ceramic and rubber watchband watches around the web which we assembled into the Polyvore set below. Hope you love it! Happy shopping and stay fabulous