Chanel summer 2012 nail polish colors have arrived

Chanel’s summer 2012 make-up collection has hit store shelves and the nail polish colors do not disappoint. Chanel has created “Holiday,” “Delight” and “Island” for the hot weather season and the colors evoke feelings of warm weather vacation attire. Chanel’s summer 2012 colors not only blend well with summer’s color palette, they offer hues which will blend easily with fall’s color palette, making them the perfect nail polish shades for transitioning into the cool weather season.

“Holiday” is the perfect shade of orange which works well with 2012’s “Tangerine Tango.” This red-orange hue is deep enough to be worn into fall and will work well with both summer wardrobes the fall 2012 runway color palette.

“Delight” is a sparkling taupe color which is a great neutral for the Fashionista who wears an orange and red color palette one day and then a blue and green color palette the following day. The medium taupe shade combined with the sparkles make this a great shade for both summer and fall.

“Island” is cool pinkish beige which will work perfectly with a summer tan. The neutral nature of the shade makes this a good choice for a Fashionista who is having fun this season with the bright or pastel color trend. “Island” plays well with every color from soft, baby pastels through to neon hues. This is also a nail polish color which will look fabulous on the beach. Love it!

Chanel’s summer 2012 nail polish colors are perfect for the summer color palette and for transitioning into fall 2012. Which color is your favorite? “Holiday?” “Delight?” or is it “Island?”

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