New Years’ Style Resolutions for the Fashionista who enjoys testing her personal style

It is 2012 and time to start thinking about New Year’s resolutions. Aside from losing ten pounds and working out more, the new year signals a fresh start in the style department. We have compiled a fun list of Style Resolutions to help inspire your New Year, New You!

  1. Shun black and wear more color.
  2.  Buy a pair of crazy high heeled platforms
  3. Learn to juggle a fabulous clutch with a drink or appetizer in one hand while shaking hands with the other.
  4. Buy the correct size without any regard for the number on the tag.
  5.  Find a hat and wear it in public.
  6. Discover that a belt can shed ten pounds around one’s waist while adding instant style.
  7.  Find and buy a huge, bold piece of jewelry. Rock it everywhere, even the supermarket.
  8. Try to buy more Vegan and eco-conscious fashions and accessories.
  9. Dare to wear something orange-even if it is just your nail polish. 
  10. Wear a crazy floral, tribal or abstract print. Spring 2012 is all about fun, why not start conversations with your attire?

OK, so we had a little fun with our style resolutions. What are your New Year Resolutions? Join in the discussion by leaving a comment below or joining us on Facebook or Twitter!

Happy New Years and stay fabulous 

The below photo set we made on Polyvore is not meant to be an outfit. We just tried to find examples of our New Years Style resolutions and thought these items were fun! Enjoy!

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