Fine gemstone jewelry in shades of orange for spring 2012

When Pantone announced that Tangerine Tango, a slightly red-orange shade will be the “IT” color for 2012, Fashionistas everywhere began taking inventory and shopping their closets for the coveted shade. While orange apparel, handbags and shoes may not suit everyone’s taste, fine jewelry normally does. One of the easiest ways to wear 2012’s hot shade of orange is through a classic piece of fine jewelry.

There are many different styles of fine jewelry on the market. Precious metals and stones can be found in classic settings as well as designed in of-the-moment styles. Whichever style of fine jewelry you prefer, semi-precious stones and fine metals will last a lifetime and are an investment; therefore, you can easily purchase an orange hued gem this season and wear it forever.
Colored gemstones never go out of style; but orange gems are hotter than ever for 2012. 
There are many different types of orange gemstones on the market right now. Here is a list of some popular gemstones and semi-precious stone to look for when shopping for orange-toned fine jewelry:

Citrine: This sparkling orange stone ranges from yellow-orange to red-orange hues. Citrine is a popular and classic gemstone most commonly found in timeless settings. Citrine is also the birthstone of November and planetary stone for Virgo. In classic settings, citrine is commonly found in yellow-gold, more modern settings with citrine are done in white gold or sterling silver.

Fire Opals: Fire Opals are opaque, red-orange stones which are close in hue to Pantone’s Tangerine Tango; the color of 2012. This is the perfect stone to wear during the day or evening due to the opaque, understated nature of the stone. Fire Opals can be found in classic settings as well as avant-garde designs.

Amber: This orange stone is a soft, medium orange which blends well with both spring and fall shades of orange. The opaque nature of amber allows it to be worn during the day or for evening events; making it a versatile stone. Amber, like Fire Opal, can be found in both classic and designer settings. Amber also happens to be the star sign for Taurus.

While citrine, Fire Opal and Amber happen to be the most common orange stones on the market, there are several other styles of orange hued gemstones a Fashionista can choose from. Shining and sparkling gems includes Zircon, Orange Sapphire, Chrysoberyl, Topaz and Hessonite Garnet. These gems can be found in classic cuts and settings and are considered timeless, semi-precious stones.

There are also several opaque, orange hued gemstones which are perfect for everyday wear. Coral, Chalcedony and opals can be found in varying shades of orange, and are not priced too high. There are also additional opaque, orange hued stones such as Carnelian and Montana Agate which offer unique colorations and varying shades of orange within each piece.

Fine jewelry with an orange stone set in white gold, yellow gold or sterling silver makes an easy and beautiful way to invest in 2012’s hottest color off the runway. Below is a sample of jewelry pieces we found around the web which offer both the hottest color of 2012 and timeless beauty. Enjoy!

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