Nail polish trends for summer 2011

The nail polish colors from spring 2011 are moving swiftly into summer without too much of a change.Chanel’s Black Pearl continues to be the “IT” polish of the moment and is expected to continue as the alternative to beige this summer; until the fall 2011 colors hit store shelves. The change for summer 2011 that was not en vogue for spring 2011 is that fingers and toes are moving in different directions for summer; contrasting directions that is  Summer 2011 is moving away from matching fingers and toes and moving into opposite territory.

While black or beige fingers are continuing into summer from spring, toes are getting into a rebellious mode by going beige or brightly colored. 

Beige toes are appearing on the feet of Fashionistas everywhere for summer 2011 when the fingers of said Fashionista are painted in a black tone. Fashion savvy finger painters who opt for beige nails on their hands are going bold and bright on their toes by choosing bright yellow, apple green, hot pink or royal blue.

Since the bold color trend is hot for spring and summer, it is only natural that nails take on the colorful trend as well. While feet are enjoying a trendy summer, fingers are staying neutral in either vampy black shades or soft neutrals such as beige or subtle shades of gold.

Wondering where to find the right colors for summer? Chanel’s Black Pearl or Beige Petale for the fingers and Miami Peach or Mimosa for the toes can be found at Macy’s, Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus stores. For nail polish under $10, Sally Hansen and Nicole by OPI offer a rainbow of shades every season and can be found in the beauty department at Target Stores everywhere. Happy shopping, and stay fabulous