Jewelry trends: Layered Necklaces

The spring 2011 runway collections showed bold sized jewelry that looks amazing on stage, but when the bold pieces arrived on store shelves, they had a hard time making onto city streets. The idea of Chanel’s shoulder dusting earrings from the runway seemed fabulous at the time they were first spotted, but very few people actually buy and wear earrings that are the same size as the ones seen on the runway. Many jewelry trends start on the streets, because jewelry needs to be functional and fashionable at the same time.

Fashion-savvy jewelry lovers look at what was shown on the runways and then they look insides their jewelry boxes to see what looks similar, or can be mixed together, to create the same vibe as the one from the runways. When a trend or look is not already in one’s jewelry box, then a Fashionista will run to the stores and find something that is similar and fits into the runway trends without being too over-the-top. There is nothing more annoying than wearing jewelry that gets in the way.

The necklaces that were shown on the New York, Paris and Milan spring 2011 runways were bold and large. On most people, these types of necklaces appear overbearing, not to mention overdone. In order to create the same, neck-filled look as seen on the runway, Fashionistas everywhere are layering necklaces.  

Here are three trends which have been spotted on the street as well as on Paparazzi shots of celebrities out and about:

1)      Mix three or four dainty necklaces together. This fills up the neck and collar bone area while remaining understated.

2)      Wear a pendant necklace under a rough or artistic gemstone necklace. This creates texture and can be customized to fill space left open from any neckline.

3)      Bold on Bold. Mix a chunky chain with a chunky pendant. This creates the look of the large bold necklaces from the runway without being huge and clunky. You can mix any amount of necklaces you want; two, four six or even eight! Fabulous!

Necklaces can easily be layered using fine jewelry, silver jewelry or costume jewelry. Jewelry can easily be layered with or without gemstones. There are so many possibilities when you layer necklaces.

The layered necklace trend is the perfect opportunity for shopping your jewelry box and re-inventing necklaces you have not worn in a few years. An out of date piece can instantly be updated when layered with other necklaces.

You may find you have a necklace in your jewelry box that is begging to be layered yet you do not have the proper necklace for layering. Never fear! Fabulous shops are near  Great online shops, which stock necklaces that are perfect for layering include; Twisted Silver at (use code INSIDERS for a 15% discount) and  Happy shopping and stay fabulous 


Twisted Silver necklaces: Contessa Necklace with specia, one-of-a-kind Twisted Silver necklace. Photo: Jefra Starr Linn for Twisted Silver