Sunny New Nail Polish Colors for Summer 2010!

Bay Area Fashionistas are in for a real treat this warm, summer season! During the Spring months, fashionistas by the bay wore dreary, taupe nail polish in varying shades. The color of the season was Chanel’s Particuliare, which was sold out as quickly as it hit beauty counters. The Fall 2010 runways have shown a throwback to Spring 2010 with the same, taupe, neutral nails that fashionistas have become tired of looking at. Thank goodness for Summer! Nail colors in Summer 2010 are HOT HOT HOT! Chanel introduced “Riviera” which is a hot pink nail polish; it flew off store shelves. Did anyone actually see it in person? Chanel also tickled our fancy with “Nouvelle Vague,” a beautiful sage-meets-turquoise-in-a-Capitola-beach-alley-blue-green. This too disappeared from store shelves faster than we could say “here is my credit card.”

If the Chanel Summer colors have already passed you by, never fear, everyone else is here! The rest of the cosmetic world is inspired by Chanel so fashionistas will be able to find the colors of the season at most cosmetic counters in the San Francisco Bay Area. Hot pink, bright turquoise, neon blue and screaming sea green are all the rage for June through August. If you have never worn bright nails before, this may be the time to try it. After all, Fall 2010 is bringing taupe back to our fingertips and Particuliare will once again be the color of the season.

Since this is a fleeting trend, Bay Area Fashionista would like to suggest choosing the color du jour from an affordable nail polish line such as Sally Hansen. Target currently has every nail polish color on the planet in stock so finding the shade of “bright” that suits you should be a breeze. Happy shopping and stay fabulous!