Daily Archives: January 19, 2010

There is a STORM Outside!

Hey there fashionistas! This stormy weather has put quite a damper on fashion this week in the bay area. What shall we wear? Normally our caviar leather Chanel bags and Jimmy Choos can handle a little bit of drizzle here and there. But not this week, this storm is way too strong to risk wearing our fashionista best outside! Please, do not panic. There is a fashion savvy solution to keeping up our fashionable appearance while staying dry!

Every Bay Area Fashionista should have a staple storm wardrobe on hand just in case it rains cats and dogs; like today! Since storms do not occur very often, there is no reason to invest in trendy items that will only last for one or two years. This is the time to spend your fashion dollars wisely and go with the classics. These classic items can give you decades of fashion on even the wettest of days in the Bay!

1) Classic Trench; we prefer Burberry (high-end) or Banana Republic (middle). Please do not go cheap on your trench. Do you really want it to fall apart when you are outside and it is pouring rain? Quality people. Quality.

2) Nylon Handbag; Prada (high-end) or Kate Spade (middle) make fabulous nylon handbags that you can also take with you to Tahoe, worry-free! What’s not to love?

3) Rubber Shoes; Nothing is more unfashionable than watching someone wear fabulous shoes in the rain. Can we say “ruined?!” Bay Area Fashionista loves the high heel black rubber boots by DKNY. Too bad they are always sold out! If you nab a pair, let us know!

4) Umbrella: The debate is on about an umbrella. Every Fashionista should keep one at home and one in the trunk of the car. Are they clumsy to use? Yes, BUT, they do keep our fabulous hair from getting wet. Who said fashion was easy? Go cheap on the umbrella purchase. They get broken and if you drop it on the ground. . .ew. Target always has a good stock on hand. Buy several!

5) Black Clothing: Please, are you really going to wear a fabulous silk print on a day like today? Um, no. Stick with colors and patterns that do no run if they get wet. Black always looks fabulous on wet days. Why you ask? When black gets wet, no-one can tell! Do you want to walk into a job interview with a half-wet shirt on? Um, no. Wear black. There is no new black. Black is black and it is always in fashion.

Did it sound like I stated the obvious in this entry? Kudos to you! You are a storm friendly Fashionista. As for the rest of you, go shopping! It’s wet outside!!!