Coach Luna bag review

Coach Luna bag review
coach luna bag

Pictured: Coach Luna bag / navy tee / nail polish /

How cute is this handbag! One of the big trends for the fall 2022 season is the moon shaped handbag. The new Coach Luna bag is the perfect moon shaped bag for rocking this trend while looking chic. Love it!

The moon shaped handbag trend arose from the hobo handbag trend. It is a slightly more structured version of a hobo without being a larger handbag. Moon shaped bags offer the hobo look without the bulk that comes with a hobo bag. This is a great handbag style for minimalism while being on the cutting edge of current handbag trends. You know I love that!

As soon as the Coach Luna bag popped up on the Coach website and in stores, I fell in love. This handbag is the right size for all of my daily essentials which include a wallet, lipstick, keys, and phone.

What fits inside the Coach Luna bag

In addition to holding my daily essentials, there is still room for sunglasses or other things I need to pop inside my handbag. The Coach Luna is a great size for everyday wear.

One of the things I love about my Coach Luna bag is that the leather is amazing! Coach is known for having high quality leather and craftsmanship at affordable prices. With the Luna bag, Coach does not disappoint. This handbag is made from strong, pebbled leather and offers superior craftsmanship. I am really impressed with this bag, especially for the price! Who doesn’t love a fabulous IT bag under $500! I know I do!

Inside the Coach Luna bag you will find one open pocket. This pocket does not fit a phone, but it does fit folded bills and credit cards. If you don’t want to carry a wallet, this is an optional place for those items. I am just using it to fold and store receipts to keep my interior organized.

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What do you think of this beautiful handbag? Do you plan to snap one up and rock the moon shaped bag trend this season?

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Dior nail polish fall 2022 review

dior nail polish fall 2022 review

Dior nail polish fall 2022 from left: Dior Rosewoodrose nail polish / Dior Redred nail polish /

Dior nail polish fall 2022 is here! For the fall season, Dior has opted for a small and traditional nail polish collection; and it is beautiful.

The fall 2022 nail polish collection from Dior offers two classic autumn hues; a deep red and a deep purplish-rose. While the red is a fabulous and classic color, I am in love with the deep purplish-rose named Rosewoodrose. Ugh, it’s gorgeous!

This fall season, you will see a lot of neutral and timeless hues for nail polish. The fun colors we saw during the summer season are being shelved in favor of classic, understated, traditional autumn shades. This is in line with the move towards logo-free and understated handbags we are seeing for the fall season. Get ready to be chic and classic!

I tested out both of the nail polish colors from the fall 2022 Dior collection with one base coat, and two coats of color. Both shades are cream polishes and do not streak. The color goes on smoothly and offers perfect color saturation. These are great polishes!

So, without further ado, here are the two nail polish hues from Dior for the fall 2022 season.

Dior nail polish fall 2022 | Dior RedRed nail polish

dior redred nail polish fall 2022

Dior Redred nail polish for fall 2022 is a dark and classic red hue. This is perfect for a professional office environment where you need a traditional red or pink polish. Redred by Dior is also perfect if you are looking for a color which will carry you through the fall, holiday, and winter seasons. Dior Redred is the one!

Dior nail polish fall 2022 | Dior RosewoodRose nail polish

dior rosewoodrose nail polish fall 2022

If you are like me, and prefer to move away from traditional red, Dior Rosewoodrose nail polish is your fall hue! I am in love with this deep hue! Rosewoodrose has touches of rose and purple mixed together in a dark, classic autumn hue. This color will play well with our autumn wardrobes, and can also be worn into the holiday season, as well as the winter season. It is classic yet fun! Love!

I am looking forward to wearing Dior Rosewoodrose as often as possible this fall season. I am wearing it right now! Which of the two nail polish colors from Dior are you excited about?

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dior fall 2022 nail polish review

Boots and puff sleeves for summer into fall

casual outfit ideas summer into fall
demellier vancouver bag fall handbag trends

wearing: statement earrings / navy puff sleeve tee / G buckle belt / summer nail polish / light wash skinny jeans / black shoulder bag / suede western style boots /

August is always a tough time when it comes to integrating fashion into my personal style. I want to wear all the fabulous things coming out for fall, but it is still an oven outside. Thankfully we had a little bit of fog the other day, so it was warm without being totally hot. Loved it!

When there is just a bit of fog, I try to wear just a bit of fall. So, I took this opportunity to pull out my new fall boots and I paired them with this puff sleeve tee I have been loving all summer long; and which I plan to wear throughout the fall season too. I also paired them with my trusty, light wash skinny jeans so I didn’t look too fall-ish.

In addition to a summer into fall outfit, I paired my look with my new shoulder bag. You can see my review here. It was really easy to use and comfortable on my shoulder. I am in love with this bag!

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Are you looking forward to the new fall fashions? Have you tried wearing anything new for fall yet?

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