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Bella Schneider Beauty Culmine Caviar & Carat review

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Pictured: Bella Schneider Beauty Culmine Caviar & Carat c/o LaBelle Day Spas & Salons.

There is a famous, luxurious spa treatment which can be enjoyed right here in the San Francisco Bay Area. The facial is called a “Gold Facial.” Gold has been used in skin care for centuries in order to help skin look younger, stimulate collagen and renew cells. Its’ use dates back to Ancient China. 

On April 3, 2014 International Supermodel Bar Refaeli treated herself to a gold facial and Instagrammed the moment to her followers. A media frenzy followed the moment and speculations ran crazy about the possible cost of a gold facial; some suggesting the treatment cost over $1000! The reality is that Bar Refaeli’s gold facial cost less than $200; making it an affordable spa treatment for anyone seeking a little luxury, and younger looking skin!

This fabulous facial treatment can be had at LaBelle Day Spas & Salons located in Palo Alto and San Francisco. Of course, if you are not local to the San Francisco Bay Area, and you are not planning a trip here anytime soon, never fear, you can find these products online! They are online at which means you can indulge in gold while in the luxurious comfort of your own home! Love that!

I did indulge in the comfort of my own home. As a busy Mother of three, finding time for a facial is next to impossible! Thankfully I was able to try two gold products from Bella Schneider at home. And yes, they are fabulous and indulgent!

I tested out Bella Schneider Beauty Culmine Caviar & Carat “Exfoliating Gommage” and Bella Schneider Beauty Culmine Caviar & Carat “All-Day Cream.” 

The “Exfoliating Gommage” by Bella Schneider Beauty Culmine Caviar & Carat was an incredible way to cleanse my face. Everything from the scent to the texture to the silky feel of the product was luxurious. The “Exfoliating Gommage” did am amazing job cleaning my skin. It took away any dry spots on my face left from the sun and cleansed my pores. I found that it does such a good job I only need to use it one day per week. 

I also tested out the “All-Day Creme” from Bella Schneider Beauty Culmine Caviar & Carat and it too offered a silky texture and luxurious scent. It left my skin even and perfectly moisturized throughout the day. I am thrilled! 

Since these products are so amazing at home, I can only imagine how fabulous the actual facial at the spa must be! This summer when school is over, and my schedule is less hectic, I plan to take a day and indulge in a gold facial from LaBelle Day Spas & Salons. 

I rate Bella Schneider Beauty Culmine Caviar & Carat products five out of five stars!!!

To learn more about Bella Schneider Beauty Culmine Caviar & Carat products and LaBelle Day Spas & Salons in Palo Alto and San Francisco, please visit