Mischo nail polish review

mischo nail polish review nyfw

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How fun is this deep, dark, navy blue.  I’m loving the hue! In my quest for the new, upcoming spring 2021 nail polish colors, I came across this beauty brand for the first time. Mischo Beauty offers several pretty nail polish colors, all reasonably priced at $20. I was intrigued when I saw this deep navy blue color; after all, it is named after one of my favorite events of the year, #NYFW, so you know I had to buy it! Love that!

Mischo nail polish is ten free, and it is made in the USA. You know I love products made in the USA! This cream nail polish applies smoothly, without streaking. This is really important because dark cream polishes can often streak; this one does not. I was able to apply one base coat and two coats of color without having to go back over any spots. The first coat was even, so when I went to apply the second coat of color, it was a breeze!

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I am really happy with how pretty this manicure came out. Mischo nail polish applies really well, and offers a beautiful saturation of color. The brush is easy to handle, making polishing a breeze. I will definitely be on the lookout for new colors to come out from the brand! If you are looking for a great nail polish at a good price, this is a fabulous brand to try out. You will love the even application and color saturation. I know I do!

Stay tuned for my spring nail polish reviews later this month!

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