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It’s that time of year when the sky could be blue, yet the sidewalks are filled with ice; sometimes invisible ice! This means if we wear a pair of shoes or boots with a smooth sole, we could spontaneously slip and fall. Ouch!

The best defense against icy sidewalks, is a lug sole. Unfortunately, many retailers don’t separate their lug sole shoes and boots in their category filter sections online, making sorting out the smooth soles from the ice-proof soles, difficult and time consuming. I have even tried typing “lug sole” into the search box of many retailers’ websites only to yield two or three pairs of shoes in the search results. There are way more then two or three pairs of lug sole shoes and boots on the market-or in stock! C’mon, retailers, get it together!

So, in order to make finding a fabulous pair of boots for winter with a lug sole (which is icy sidewalk-proof) easy for you,  I assembled a few of my favorite pairs from around the web that offer both flat and heeled styles. Now, you can look fabulous without falling while you walk down the street! Love that!

Shop icy sidewalk-proof boots with lug soles:

Have you ever slipped on an icy sidewalk? I slipped once in a cross-walk and some guy laughed at me, it was so embarrassing! I never attempted to wear a smooth sole in icy conditions ever again. Slipping on ice hurts!! I’m so thankful for the invention of the lug sole; and the fact that so many brands and designers offer a lug sole on fabulous boots and shoes with a heel! This 5’4″ girl needs some height! Bring me all the heels! haha

What are your favorite styles of icy sidewalk-proof boots or shoes for the winter season?

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