Londontown top coat and ridge filler review

londontown nail care system review

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The key to the perfect manicure is taking proper care of your nails; and topping off your color right! As you may have noticed, I paint my nails all. the. time. This means I need to ensure I am taking proper care of my nails, or else my nails would get brittle and discolored. That’s why I love Londontown’s nail care system so much! They have all the tools for keeping my nails healthy.

Londontown’s nail polish products are 9-free. That’s right, 9-free! In addition to being 9-free, they are vegan and cruelty-free. This means not only can you feel good about purchasing, and using Londontown products, you can rest-assured they are healthy on your nails, and will keep them protected. Love that!

The most important part of keeping nails healthy is to protect them from the color you paint on your nails. If you are placing something gentle on your nails such as Londontown nail polish, then you don’t have to worry so much; but it is still important to create a smooth base, and protect your nails from staining.

Londontown Fortifying Ridge Filler base coat review

londontown fortifying ridge filler review base coat

I love using a healthy base coat to start my manicure. Londontown’s Fortifying Ridge Filler is safe to use on your nails, and provides the ideal base coat for any color nail polish. In addition to protecting nails from staining, it creates a smooth base by filling in ridges, dips, and any other nail imperfections you may have. This base coat is fabulous!

Londontown Paddington Blue nail polish review

londontown paddington blue nail polish review

I painted two coats of Londontown Paddington Blue nail polish on top of the Londontown Fortifying Ridge Filler base coat and as you can see, the result is a smooth, streak-free color on my nails. If you are looking for a classic, closet staple blue, Paddington Blue by Londontown is a great hue! This color can be worn during any season, as it is roughly one shade darker than a royal blue. It’s so pretty!

This color isn’t available at a lot of retailers, so thankfully you can find Londontown Paddington Blue nail polish online here.

Londontown Protective Top coat review

londontown protective top coat review

I topped off my classic blue manicure with Londontown Protective Top Coat. This top coat is strong and shiny; adding the perfect, protective layer to help decrease the chance of chipping your manicure. Love that!

The Londontown Protective Top Coat is also made from a quick dry formula, so you don’t have to worry about your manicure getting dented or ruined if you have to use your hands soon after painting your nails. Love!

Fall 2018 nail polish trends: matte nails

Londontown Matte Top Coat

Have you noticed? Fall 2018 is all about matte nails. The matte nail is the hottest nail polish trend of the autumn season! I can’t wait to use Londontown Protective Matte Top Coat on any color of nail polish in order to give my manicure the perfect, modern look. I switched up my manicure the next day by adding the matte top coat over it, and after a couple of minutes, I had the perfect matte look.

Like the Protective Top Coat, the Londontown Protective Matte Top Coats keeps your manicure chip-resistant and offers a quick drying formula. I used the matte coat in the morning and then hit the gym thirty minutes later; no chips or dents. It was fabulous!

Shop Londontown’s nail care system for the perfect manicure:

If you are looking to protect your nails, and keep your manicure looking fabulous, longer, definitely check out Londtown’s nail care system! You can find it online here.

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