VII Code O2M oxygen eye mask for all night review

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I’m in New York! The night before I fly, I can’t get a wink of sleep. Then I get on a plane, and I can’t get a wink of sleep on the plane! My flight to New York was a five hour plane ride, and without sleep, I was exhausted. One of the drawbacks to lack of sleep, and exhaustion, is puffy eyes accompanied by dark circles. Ugh!

My favorite way to combat tired, puffy eyes, and dark circles, while fighting fine lines, is to wear an eye mask. I have tried several eye masks, and none of them seem to work. When VII Code sent me their eye mask to try, I was hooked! It actually reduced my puffy eyes, and dark circles! My skin looks smoother too. Love that!

The VII Code overnight eye mask is really easy to use. The mask uses pads instead of being in a jar you have to stick your finger into in order apply. The pads are packaged in convenient trays which keep them nice, flat, and ready to use. After you wash your face, you simply take the pads from the tray, peel off the protective plastic, and apply. It’s so easy! They feel cold when you first apply them, and then the pads feel comfortable and are easy to wear. I’m hooked!

VIIcode eye mask is different from other sheet masks, you can wear them for 8 hours at night. The best time to wear them is while you are sleeping. I wore them overnight the first night in my hotel and my eyes loved it!

This overnight eye mask by VII Code is a must-have for travel. It fixed my tired, sleep-deprived eyes and refreshed me for the morning. Now, I am ready to take on New York!

You can find the VII Code O2M oxygen eye mask, which you can wear overnight, online here.


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