Mansur Gavriel cross body bag review

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Photo 1: Mansur Gavriel cross body bag in Cammello, online here. Photos 2-6: Mansur Gavriel cross body bag in flamma, online here.

Mansur Gavriel currently holds the coveted crown as the IT handbag designer. With their beautiful bucket bag in high demand(online here), their tote impossible to find, their backpack highly sought after, and their new Lady Bag deemed the next IT bag by fashion insiders everywhere, it is no wonder that every bag they make is difficult to get your hands on; the new cross body bag is no different.

The new cross body bag by Mansur Gavriel is a classic flap closure, “saddle bag,” which is both classic and very of-the-moment. Saddle bags are having their day in the sun for fall 2015, and Mansur Gavriel’s cross body bag is the ideal handbag for the trend. Love that!

Currently priced at $495-$595, Mansur Gavriel’s cross body bag is moderately priced; adding to it’s desirability. Since the style is new for fall 2015 from Mansur Gavriel, this is the time to snap one up before they become unbelievable scarce when word gets out about how fabulous and perfect they are!

I purchased Mansur Gavriel’s new cross body bag in two colors and leather; the flamma coated leather, and the cammello vegetable tanned leather. The bags both feel the same when in use, and are lightweight; even after filled up.

Mansur Gavriel’s cross body bag is easy to carry on a daily basis. The bag is light and fits the essentials; wallet, iPhone, lipstick, and keys. There is also an interior pocket which is great for receipts, notes, or keys. 

The cross body strap is adjustable. This allows you to adjust the bag into the type of handbag you desire. You can keep the strap short, like I do, and wear it as a shoulder bag; even short, I am able to throw it cross body just in case I need to carry something to chase one of my kids! If you adjust the strap and make it longer, it will have a small, messenger bag look. It is just a matter of preference where you want the bag to hit you, and how you plan to use it; cross body or shoulder bag.

The closure on Mansur Gavriel’s cross body bag is very easy to use. They designed a covered, magnetic closure which is luxurious yet simple and sleek. The magnet is strong, allowing you to not have to think about closing the bag; it closes for you! The magnet puts the flap closure in the perfect spot, so you never have to fuss with it. Love that!

Overall, Mansur Gavriel’s cross body bag is fabulous! It is simple and easy to wear on a daily basis. Mansur Gavriel has created a comfortable handbag which is on trend, yet transcends trends; a combination rarely found. How is that for perfection!

I rate Mansur Gavriel’s cross body bag five out of five stars!

The vegetable tanned cross body bag by Mansur Gavriel can be found online here. The coated leather version of Mansur Gavriel’s cross body bag can be found online here. If they are out of stock, you will be able to pre-order for the next season. This is the stress-free way to shop Mansur Gavriel!

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