Clutches for fall 2014

Clutches are a classic handbag style which seems to enjoy popularity every few seasons as more than just an evening bag. Over the past year, daytime clutches have been pushed to the back-burner as other small handbag styles such as the cross body bag and the mini satchel have rose to fame. Although the clutch has not been front and center, it has remained an important small handbag style; and a classic alternative to the trendy mini satchel.

The clutch is back for fall 2014; and while the mini satchel and cross body bag continue to be hot handbag styles on the runway and on the street, the clutch is gaining momentum and proving to be more important for fall 2014 than it has been in the past two seasons. Clutches for fall 2014 are being shown mainly in medium, small and mini sizes. Daytime clutches are streamlined without a lot of excessive details making them clean, classic and easy to wear.

Aside from clean lines, the only details we are seeing in daytime clutches for fall 2014 are fringe details, color blocking and understated grommets or studs. The majority of the clutch styles out there for fall 2014 are simple and sans logos. In order to make a simple clutch interesting, designers have opted to add luxury hardware closures or silhouettes which push traditional, geometric boundaries.

For fall 2014, look for soft clutches which blur the lines between a rectangle and a soft roll of fabric. Also look for interesting clasps and hardware closures which add a luxurious touch to an otherwise simple handbag. Structured and traditional clutch silhouettes are also important for fall 2014. Look for rectangles which transcend trends.

Clutches for fall 2014 are being shown mainly in neutral hues, metallics, and seasonal autumn color such as burgundy, hunter green and on-trend fuchsia.

I found a few fabulous clutches around the web for fall 2014 and assembled them into the shopping widget below. I hope you love them!

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Happy shopping, and stay fabulous 😉

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