The winged tote bag for fall 2013

Tote bags are a mainstay on the runway and on the streets. Every season the tote bag silhouette gently shifts from north/south to east/west and back again. There are seasons where tote bags are small, and other seasons where the size is bigger than life. For fall 2013, tote bags have taken a cue from Celine’s current “IT” bag style; the “Luggage Tote” and changed the angles of the everyday tote bag.

Celine’s slouchy “Luggage Tote” offers a slightly square silhouette with sides which are soft enough to vent out of the bag. This gives Celine’s “Luggage Tote” bag a slightly inverted triangle or “winged” look. Fashionistas and handbag aficionados have gone crazy for Celine’s design over the past few years and the handbag is popping up on city streets around the world. Although Celine’s “Luggage Tote” is quite expensive with prices starting well above $2000, fans of the handbag have been snapping it up regardless of their spending power. Of course, do to this craze, many illegal replicas have hit the marketplace further saturating the style on the street and lining the pockets of criminals.

Due to the popularity of Celine’s “Luggage Tote” and the freshness of the winged look, designers from across the globe have taken tried their hand with the new silhouette and introduced their own versions for the fall 2013 season. This means the inverted triangle or winged tote is the “IT” tote of the fall season. Hope you love it!

Designers have gone crazy designing winged totes for fall 2013. There are mini versions, which compete with the current mini satchel trend, as well as large versions which could easily be used for weekend getaways and airplane carry-ons. Whatever the size tote you need for fall, someone has designed a winged tote for you.

The jury is still out as to whether or not this silhouette will turn into a classic look, or feel dated in a few years. So, if you love the style, go ahead and splurge on the designer winged tote of your choice. If you are more conservative in your handbag purchases, but love the freshness of the silhouette and need a tote, look for a more reasonably priced bag which will carry you through one or two seasons.

I found a few fabulous winged totes in varying sizes around the web for fall 2013 and assembled them into the shopping widget below. Hope you love them! Happy shopping, and stay fabulous