The rise of the flat sole

Over the course of 2011 and 2012, we have discussed the possible demise of the platform sole. As fashion moves into 2013, designers and Fashionista’s on the street have rediscovered the flat sole shoe and have started to push their platforms towards the back of the closet. This is not to say that the platform is not relevant; it still has its’ place in fashion. The platform is just slowly fading and starting to hang out in the shadow of the new “IT” shoe in town; the flat sole.

Shoes have been reaching for new heights over the past several years and designers have been having fun being creative with platform soles. As garments begin to be more lighthearted, and consumers begin to tire of the sky-high platform, the sole of the shoe has become more understated; as not to compete with the rise of “anything-but-understated” apparel.

Prints, neon hues and bright colors are hot right now, and will continue to reign supreme as we move in 2013. This being said, the last thing a properly dressed Fashionista wants to do is have her shoes compete with her dress. This brings us to the flat soled shoe. A pretty, pointed toe pump in a solid, bright color looks perfect and fresh for the spring 2013 season when paired with a beautiful, floral, A-line dress. Somehow the thought of a multi-colored platform shoe paired with a sweet floral frock does not seem proper; wouldn’t you agree?

This does not mean all platforms must be banished from our closets, it just means as we move into 2013, look for a balance of soles in your wardrobe and invest in flatter soles rather than sky-high heels. Carrie Bradshaw and her collection of Manolo Blahnik shoes will be proud J