Resort/Cruise 2013 Trends

The resort/cruise 2013 season is upon us and it is a fabulous season! Resort gives us a reason to add a little bright and sunny vibe to our wardrobe during the cold, winter months. We do not need to have plane tickets to an exotic resort location in order to enjoy the cruise trends! In fact, the resort/cruise 2013 season is a fabulous sneak peek into which trends will be hot in the upcoming spring/summer 2013 season! Love that!

There are ten main trends this resort/cruise 2013 season which will make good investments for any Fashionista’s wardrobe. After all, these trends are forecasted to be hot this upcoming spring/summer 2013 season! Fabulous!

1) Lace Shoes: The Lace Shoe is a bold yet feminine and demure trend. Lace shoes have been creeping into style over the course of 2012 and for the resort 2013 season they are hotter than hot. In addition to 2012’s neutral and black lace shoes, the resort season will give us neon lace and pastel lace. This trend is not for the faint of heart. Pair your neon lace shoes with a solid colored frock in a contrasting color and you will make a splash at any resort you set foot in. They are also a fabulous way to spice up jeans for a girl’s night out. Love that!

2) Neon Yellow: Emerald may be the color of 2013; but neon yellow is the color of the resort season. This bold hue is perfect on a handbag or a pair of shoes since it is easy to wear with other neon hues from the cruise season. Neon yellow can be used as a neutral and it is the perfect attention grabber. 

3) The Printed Dress: Dresses are hot for resort/cruise 2013; and also for spring/summer 2013. This makes the dresses from the resort season a great investment for the entire year. Look for kitschy prints, painterly prints, florals, and ikat designs. The ideal dress will have a flattering A-line skirt.

4) The A-Line Skirt: 2011 was the year of the mini skirt, 2012 was the year of the pencil skirt, and now, 2013 is the year of the A-line skirt. Look for dresses and skirts with an A-line silhouette. This is the most universally flattering skirt silhouette on the planet. Look for large pleats, flat skirts and also hi/low hemlines. This is not a 1960’s A-line skirt. This is a 2013 A-line; and it is more modern and flirty than ever. The ideal length will hit just above, or just below the knee. Love this!

5) Lightweight Leather: Leather was hot for fall 2012 and this edgy trend is showing no sign of slowing down for the resort 2013 or spring 2013 seasons. As the weather warms up, look for skirts and jackets in lightweight leather and soft hues. Metallic colors and bright shades are also perfect investments for 2013.

6) Shades of Blue: The spring/summer 2013 runways were filled with various shades of blue. This color trend has also proved to be important for the resort/cruise 2013 season. Look for any shade of blue which suits you, including color blocked blue!

7) Orange is Resort’s Black: While grey is the new black for winter 2013, and blue is the new black for spring 2013, the new black for resort is 2012’s favorite hue: orange. Pair orange with neutrals, neon’s and pastel peach. This is the ultimate statement hue for the season.

8) Bright Handbags: Neon hues and bright colors are hot this resort/cruise season. The easiest way to rock this trend is with a beautiful, brightly colored handbag you can carry everyday! Look for small or medium sized satchels with two top handles or a medium to small sized shoulder bag. These two silhouettes will easily carry you into the spring/summer 2013 season. Love that!

9) Bright Shoes: This trend was hot in 2012 and will continue to be hot into 2013. Look for brightly colored, pointed toe pumps and sandals. This is not the year to overbuy platforms. Shoes are coming down; therefore, it is important to look for flatter soles than in seasons past. Flat soled shoes in bright hues will give you the most longevity over the next few seasons.

10) Rocker Chic: The Rocker Chic trend is another continuing trend from 2012. The difference between the Rocker Chic trend from 2012 and the look in 2013 is that instead of black and neutrals, the trend has fused together with the color trend. This season, studs and spikes will appear on accessories and apparel which are pastel, neon, metallic or brightly colored. If AC/DC is on your playlist and Axel Rose is your dream boyfriend, then this is the season to rock out in neon green spiked pumps. Rock on.