Hostess party outfits for the Holiday 2012 season

The holidays are coming! Are you hosting a fabulous soiree at your humble abode? If so, the last thing you may be thinking about is what you are going to wear! Hosting a party is hard work and while you want to sparkle and shine as much as your guests, you may also be thinking about being on your feet, rushing around the house, darting into the kitchen; well, you catch my drift. You will be working and partying at the same time.

Just because you are on the clock at your own soiree, does not mean you have to settle for black pants and a tunic paired with slippers. There are plenty of sparkling and fabulous ensembles out there which will make you the “hostess with mostess” while making you shine. Love that!

The one big thing to remember when shopping for a hostess outfit, is that there is a good chance you will need to bend over during the course of the party. Someone may drop something, you may need to clean a spill, you may need to adjust an area rug; the reasons for bending over are endless. That being said, look for necklines which cover enough décolleté so that you do not flash all of your guests. The same is true for the hemline. If the dress is too short, make sure you have boy shorts underneath. No-one wants to see your underpants-as fabulous as they may be 

Since you will be on your feet, and working the room, look for fabrics which are lightweight. Steer clear of heavy knits, jackets, blazers and wool. Look for sleeves which are easy to move in and do not constrict

Long skirts and dresses are also an option as long as they do not have too much fabric. It would be a huge “party fowl” if you tripped over your skirt!

We found a few fabulous options online and assembled them into this article. What do you think? Happy shopping, happy holidays and stay fabulous 

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