Christian Louboutin meets Silicon Valley

Christian Louboutin has taken some inspiration from our home turf; Silicon Valley. In the San Francisco Bay Area’s Southern Penninsula and South Bay, Silicon Valley is the heart of the tech world. Christian Louboutin happens to be the heart of the designer shoe industry in present time. It is only natural that the top of the shoe game and the top of the high tech game would meet and fuse together.

Christian Louboutin’s new shoe design looks like the inside of a computer. (Christian Louboutin took his inspiration from a computer chip!) This high tech shoe design is perfect for any Silicon Valley Fashionista. Of course, the colors and fabrication make it the perfect way to dress up any California Casual ensemble typically found in a high tech company located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Love that!

What do you think of Christian Louboutin’s new, high tech inspired shoe?