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Five fabulous fragrances for spring 2012

Some of the beautiful things about the spring season are watching flowers bloom, enjoying the sun shine just a little bit longer each day, and being able to spend more time outdoors. The warm temperatures and switch from an indoor life, to an outdoor life, in the spring season marks the need for a change of fragrance.

In the cool, fall and winter months we gravitate towards fragrances which help create warmth and include mixtures of woods, amber, musk, oud and vanilla. When the weather warms up, we begin to feel the need for crisp and refreshing fragrances which combine florals, fruits, green leaves and citrus.

For the spring 2012 season, designers and perfumers seem to be favoring Iris, jasmine, rose, green leaves and spice for the warmer weather. So we tested and sniffed as many new fragrance releases that we could find and place under our noses; narrowing the choices down to our five favorites.

These are our five favorite fragrances for the spring 2012 season.


  1. A Dozen Roses: Electron EDP
  2. Valentino: Valentina EDP
  3. Creed: Spice and Wood
  4. Jo Malone: Iris & Lady Moore Cologne
  5. Hanae Mori: No. 6


What is your favorite fragrance right now?

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