Prada’s kitschy spring shoes offer to take your feet for a ride

Prada caught the attention of the fashion world last fall when they sent kitschy, 1950’s car inspired shoes down the spring 2012 runway. The shoes were interesting and started many conversations, but no-one could comprehend how many styles of car-like shoes would actually arrive on store shelves during the spring shopping season. Prada has designed not one, not two, but well over twelve styles of kitschy car shoes for the spring 2012 season; and they are priced well over $1000!

As the fall 2012 runways give us a glimpse into the new trends for the upcoming cool weather season, the fashion world is seeing kitschy fashion pop up on the catwalk in the form of both handbags and shoes. Could Prada have started a new trend? It should be interesting to see Prada’s car shoes on the street this spring and summer. What do you think of the collection, will you wear them?
y (27)