Belts for the spring 2012 season

This spring season, silhouettes have become less constricting and many dresses have less structure than in past seasons. This has made the belt incredibly important as it is one of the few ways to create a waistline on a dress. Many dresses are offering a loose top and body conscious skirt with a thin, elastic waistline; this begs and pleads for a belt-and not just any belt, a fabulous belt!

Belts for the spring season are available in every thickness and fabrication imaginable. There are Kimono belts in solid colors and color blocking as well as traditional belts which boast a large buckle. Many belts are elastic with a hidden closure which works really well on dresses and offer timeless appeal.

When adding a belt to a dress, or long top, it is important to look for the right style. If the dress or top offers a loud print and multiple colors, it would be wise to look for a solid colored belt which matches the fabric or is in a neural which blends well with the color combination. If you are belting a solid colored garment, look for a color blocked kimono belt or buckle belt. Solid colored garments also look fabulous with complicated woven belts and texture.

We found a few different styles of belts through Polyvore and created the set below. Happy shopping and stay fabulous

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