Fall 2011 Fragrance Trends: Heavier perfumes-new designer and perfumer launches

This fall might be one of the first seasons in recent history to have a large amount of legendary designers and perfumers launch either their first fragrance or a new fragrance which strays from other fragrances in the brands collection. As fragrances trend towards heavy florals, bold spices and gourmand scents, designers and perfumers have been following suit by creating fragrances which can be enjoyed by people close to the person wearing the perfume, rather than producing the “skin scents” which enjoyed popularity for the past decade.

The fragrance trends have been slowing moving towards heavier compositions in the past two years and this fall the trend is exploding. In addition to classic fragrances which already have a heavier fragranceexperience, new fragrance launches are combining heavy florals and gourmand notes in a move towards sharing one’s fragrance experience with others.

The main heart notes which are gaining popularity and being seen for fall include jasmine, amber, vetiver, spices and gourmand combinations with vanilla, caramel, honey and chocolate. With a move towards heavier fragrance trends, shopping for a new fall scent this season may be a little daunting. We have compiled a “Top Five” list to help get you started:


  1. Prada Candy: This is a medium-heavy gourmand which can easily be shared by those around you. The dessert-like fragrance experience is light-hearted and sweet; a stark move away from the lighter florals and green notes used in past Prada scents.
  2. CREED Royal-Oud: Iconic perfume house CREED is launching their own Oud based scent; a rising trend in fragrances. Oud is a warm and luxurious fragrance note which is anything but shy and offers a heavier fragrance experience; making it perfect for fall.
  3. Nocturne Alchemy Temple NA: This boutique fragrance is warm, mixing florals, spices and woods while offering a medium-heaviness fragrance experience which evokes a sense of the Sahara Dessert and makes you long for a tour of the Great Pyramids.
  4. Balenciaga Paris L’Essence: Flanker fragrance to the original and lighter Balenciaga Paris, L’Essence infuses a combination of violet, vetiver and moss offering a heavier green floral with a warm, vetiver base which is heavier and more bold than the original; yet offering a fresh zing from the green top.
  5. Chanel No.5: This classic scent may already be in your fragrance collection. The amber base and familiar scent offers a medium strength fragrance experience; making it the ideal transition fragrance for those who have been living in skin scents for the past decade.


While shopping for the perfect fall fragrance, be sure to look for heavier versions of what you already enjoy; this will help ease you into a heavier fragrance experience. If you are ready for a change, go for a scent that is completely different from what you normally wear. Generally gravitate towards florals? Why not try a gourmand! The one thing to look for in your new fall fragrance is a slight trail you can leave behind when you pass by; keep people wanting more 


fall fragrances by bayareafashionista featuring an orange flower perfume