Eternal Egypt by Nocturne Alchemy

Nocturne Alchemy is a niche perfumer who has designed an entire fragrance collection around Egyptian mythology. Eternal Egypt by Nocturne Alchemy is the perfumers’ signature scent and embodies the mystery behind ancient Egypt through a warm and slightly spicy fragrance experience that evokes memories of Pyramids and Obelisks while offering the perfect fragrance note combination for the dry and warm Silicon Valley weather.

Nocturne Alchemy’ Eternal Egypt starts off with a mildly spicy and warm scent. After about thirty minutes the mild spices fade into the background and a warm mixture of amber, which is both rich and complex, takes you through the day. When the sun goes down, Nocturne Alchemy’s Eternal Egypt leaves you with a warm and smooth, musky dry-down.

Fragrance notes: White amber, red Egyptian musk, Egyptian amber, Sands of Egypt

Although Eternal Egypt by Nocturne Alchemy features a warm combination of notes, the mild spice and medium-heaviness allow the fragrance to be worn in both warm and cool weather.

Nocturne Alchemy’s Eternal Egypt is available in both a 5 ml bottle and a sample or “Skarab” form. The 5 ml bottle is currently priced at $13. For more information about how to purchase from Nocturne Alchemy, please visit

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