Sassy spring scarves to cut the chill and add color

The spring 2011 runways gave Fashionistas a large range of bright colors to think about for spring and summer. In addition to bright colors blocked together, there were floral patterns, abstract patterns and, well, patterns! Bright colors and patterns can sometimes be difficult for everyone to wear. It has nothing to do with Color Me Beautiful; rather, not everyone has the personality to pull off a cobalt blue dress paired with lime green shoes and a yellow belt.

One of the easy and practical ways to add color or patterns to your wardrobe this spring and summer is with a lightweight scarf. Scarves for spring come in a variety of fabrications such as cotton, lightweight wool, jersey and silk. Of course Pucci has several classic pucci-esque styles on store shelves which include multi-color swirls as well as blue swirls. Marc Jacobs is offering small fringed edge scarves with abstract polka dots, scull prints and Frida prints.

There are also scarves that can double as a necklace. BCBG has a black scarf for spring 2011 which features small silver chains, giving the scarf a rocker-chic vibe. This scarf can be wrapped once or twice around one’s neck as well as twisted for different necklines or looks.

The fabulous thing about lightweight scarves for spring is that they are a casual way to add individual personality to an outfit without the fuss of a necklace when on the go. Holding small children? A scarf will not break if a baby grabs onto it, as a necklace would.

A scarf can also be used as a layering piece with a pendant necklace. A thin fabric scarf can be wrapped around the neck with a large pendant dangling out from underneath. This is an understated yet artistic way to show off a pendant while staying warm.

When the summer months approach and a scarf is no longer needed for added warmth, the scarf can become a belt! Scarves are a casual and sassy way to dress up a pair of basic shorts. A scarf can easily be weaved through belt loops  and will instantly add color and dimension to those khaki shorts from four years ago 

What to look for when shopping for a spring scarf:

1)      Color. Spring 2011 is all about bright colors. Find a bold color you would love to wear but are too shy to buy as a top or dress. You can instantly wear bright orange or bold yellow in the form of a scarf with a neutral or black outfit.

2)      Patterns: Why go solid? There are so many patterns that made it to store shelves from the spring 2011 runways. Take advantage of the pattern trend and find one suits your sassy personality 

3)      Add-ons: Not into patterns or bright colors? Why not find a scarf with chains, small studs or embellishments! Roberto Cavalli and Chanel showed a wide variety of embellishments for spring while Burberry showed rocker chic studs; why not subtly add one of these trends with a scarf!

4)      Length: A long scarf that can become a belt during the summer will give you most longevity and versatility in the coming months.

Happy shopping and stay fabulous 


Pile of Scarves: From top left; orange silk oblong scarf, pewter sequin oblong scarf I.N.C. Macy’s, pastel large square Pucci, green/yellow/blue plaid The Limited circa 1996. Across photo: spring 2011 BCBG black scarf with black and silver chain detail. BCBG Boutique Valley Fair Mall.