Happy New Years and goodbye to tired trends

Happy New Years! Thankfully 2011 is on the horizon and a new set of fashion trends will greet us on store shelves in January. What are the fashion trends from 2010 that you are happy to see end? Which trends are you looking forward to investing in for spring? Here is a short list from us, enjoy!

Bye-bye 2010!

1)      Jeggings: They were only cool for about 24 hours. Then, the people who bought them looked in the mirror, freaked out and threw them away. Thank goodness!

2)      Torn Jeans: Someone, somewhere, thought it was still 1986 and tried to bring torn jeans back into style, thank goodness this trend failed. Torn jeans now become dust cloths. Goodbye!

3)      Fur Handbags: Now tell me this, why does a handbag need to be made from fur? Oh, just to tell the world it was expensive. Well, a fur handbag tells the world the owner kills animals in order to carry around her car keys. Dusty and on the clearance rack. Ick.

4)      Minimalism: As much as we like simplicity, we’re more bored now than we were in 1994. Bring on the bling bay-bee!

5)      No eye-liner: Thankfully the red lips and no eye-liner eye look never made it off the fall 2010 runway. Consumers know an ugly look when they see it. Three cheers for eye-liner!

Hello 2011!

1)      Rocker Chic: Studs, motorcycle jackets and black leather are back so download some Van Halen, throw your BBag on your shoulder and get ready to rock out in 2011!

2)      Bright Colors: With the end of minimalism, we can live in candy colored frocks that put smiles on people’s faces. Happy colors=fabulous!

3)      Florals: Floral patterns are everywhere and let’s face it, flowers are happy, calm, innocent and cheeky; love it!

4)      Slouchy Hobos: Slouchy and soft hobo handbags are all the rage for spring 2011. They are relaxed and understated. Perfect to pair with bright colors and patterns. Go for a neutral beige, white, black or tan.

5)      Big jewelry: Shoulder duster earrings, double cuffs and big necklaces. Look for opaque stones, cabochons and natural cuts.

Happy New Years and stay fabulous