Chanel nail polish “IT” list for spring 2011

Chanel nail polish is iconic. Every season Chanel dictates to the Beauty world what color should be on the fingertips of Fashionistas everywhere. Whether or not a Fashion-savvy or beauty-savvy shopper decides to follow the “IT” nail color of the moment is a personal choice. In the 1990’s Chanel introduced Vamp, which instantly took candy pink and cherry red off the fashionable fingers of the world and painted them a dark, controversial, brownish-red. Vamp is still on Chanel stores today and is arguably one of the biggest nail polish trends in finger tip history.

The past few years dark nail polish has been a mainstay on the finger-tips of the fashion savvy. With a few pops of pale pink and candy pink as well as last spring’s dark beige Particulaire, extremely dark polish has withstood the test of changing fashion trends. Some Fashionistas may be pulling out their carefully maintained locks at the thought of the high maintenance quality of dark nail polish. The chips show right away and can create a “hot mess” look with one major chip. While wearing dark polish, many beauty-savvy Fashionistas find they need to carry the bottle with them in their handbag; just in case of emergency.

Chanel has dared to test the patience of the fabulous, busy finger-tips of Fashionistas for spring 2011 with the introduction of Black Pearl. Black Pearl has already been named the “It” color for spring 2011 by many fashion publications and has garnered a waiting list upon its release on December 20, 2010. Fashionistas, who desire Black Pearl, might need to run in their 4” Christian Louboutin’s to the nearest Chanel beauty counter in order to snag a bottle. Thankfully, Black Satin from a few years is still on store shelves and Steel from the Chanel resort collection is also available at Nordstrom stores nationwide.

So for those who desire the Chanel “IT” nail polish of the season, there you have it. Black Pearl is the polish for your finger-tips. Of course, if you cannot get your hands on Black Pearl, or you feel $23 for a fleeting trend is too high of a price, check out the various black and steel polishes at Target. Sally Hansen has a fabulous color called Gunmetal which is a metallic black and only about two shades lighter than Chanel’s Black Pearl. For under $10, you can be right on trend with over $13 to spare. Happy shopping and stay fabulous 


From left to right: Sally Hansen Gunmetal, Chanel Black Pearl and Chanel Steel