BEAVALDES Collection is the ultimate luxury indulgence

Bea Valdes is the mastermind designer behind BEAVALDES Collection which is a luxury designer accessory line based in the Philippines. Bea Valdes uses crystal and semi-precious stones to adorn fabulous pouch handbags, clutches and shoulder bags. Her amazing pouch handbag named the Fleurs du Mal (FDM) satin bulb bag by designer BEAVALDES, was recently worn by celebrity Fergie, of The Black Eyed Peas on the American Music Awards red carpet.

Bea Valdes creates one-of-a-kind masterpieces that are hand-crafted and create a WOW factor. In addition to intricately embroidered and beaded handbags, Bea Valdes creates belts, vests and amazing bib necklaces. The BEAVALDES Collection is so unique, that the pieces can be worn with black tie attire, semi-formal attire or even carefully paired with casual-elegant looks to add a bit of glamour to an evening dinner look or daytime luncheon ensemble.

BEAVALDES Collection necklaces, handbags and belts can take up to ten weeks to make by hand. Bea Valdes sources her materials from around the world; adding to the uniqueness and luxuriousness of each handcrafted item.

The Fleurs du Mal (FDM) handbag by designer BEAVALDES is one of the most amazing handbags on the market. It can be created in any color a client desires and can be cherished as an heirloom piece. The Fleur du Mal is truly a work of art, as is every piece made by BEAVALDES.

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