Shades of pink for fall 2013

Pink is normally a color associated with spring. Not this time around! Designers in New York, Milan, Paris and London sent shades of pink down their fall/winter 2013/2014 runways for the cool weather season; trumping the idea that pink is for warm temperatures.

There are two important shades of pink for fall 2013; pale pink and fuchsia. These contrasting versions of sweet, springtime pink are being shown on everything from accessories to apparel. Shades of pink are even popping up in beauty products including nail polish and lipstick for the autumn 2013 season. Who would have thought?!

Pink can be worn as an accent color or the dominant hue of an ensemble. This is a great color for adding pop to your current wardrobe. If course, if you are a pink fan, a tonal pink ensemble for the fall season is de rigueur!
There is nothing demure about pink for fall 2013. The pale shades of pink are washed out; almost vintage in saturation. The bright shades of pink for fall 2013; which include fuchsia, evoke a playful, anything-but-sweet vibe for the cool weather season. This isn’t your daughter’s pink.

If you love pink, you will love everything about this color trend for fall 2013. If you shy away from pink but feel like these two, more grown up versions of the color might be fun to test drive this season, look for pink pieces which accent other colors such as shoes, a handbag or leather wrap bracelet.

I found a few fabulous pink items around the web for fall 2013 and assembled them into the shopping widget below. Hope you love them! Happy shopping, and stay fabulous