The pointed toe reigns supreme for fall 2013

Platforms are out; flat soled pointed toes are in. It is a fact. Fall 2013 is all about the pointed toe pump and platforms have no place in the fall season. Pointed toes are being shown everywhere from flats to pumps to even boots! Almond toes, round toes and square toes may grace a few sparse store shelves, but that does not mean they should walk the street.

The pointed toe is everywhere for fall 2013. This classic toe style is being shown on every runway and street trend imaginable for the fall 2013 season. Designers are showing pointed toes in classic, solid colors and animal prints. In addition to solids and prints, designers have added on to their pointed toe flats, pumps and boots with studs, crystals, spikes, zippers and chains. Pointed toe pumps, flats and boots are also being shown color blocked; a continuing trend from the runway for fall 2013.

If you do not already own a pair of pointed toe pumps, flats or boots; there is one style you should invest in for the fall 2013 season. The ultimate investment shoe for fall 2013 is the black, pointed toe pump. Since pointed toes and classic, ladylike pumps are projected into 2014, a classic black pair will give you your money’s worth and be the pair of shoes you find yourself reaching for every morning. I recommend this pair.

When it comes to pointed toe flats, these are the ultimate flat shoe style for the fall 2013 season. One thing to note with pointed toe flats, they are difficult to walk in! You may find yourself kicking up your foot a little more than normal when you are walking in pointed toe flats to overcompensate for the pointed toe.

Do not fall fashion victim! Pointed toe flats can be an easy way to fall prey to fashion. If you are like me and cannot walk in pointed toe flats, skip them! A classic pair of ballet flats will get you through the season and keep your feet happy. When shopping for pointed toe pumps and boots, try on a half size up. This will give you more room in the toe and a comfortable fit which will allow you to wear pointy toes all day long. Love that!

I found a few fabulous pointed toe flats, pumps and boots for fall 2013 from around the web and assembled them into this article. Hope you love them! Happy shopping, and stay fabulous 

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