Top ten trends from the fall 2013 runways

New York, Paris, Milan and London have sent their last models down the fashion week runways for the fall/winter 2013/2014 season. Now that the four most important fashion weeks have come to an end, we are left with a flurry of new and continuing trends to look forward to, and covet, for the upcoming cool weather season.

Here are the top ten trends from the runways to watch for in fall 2013. Let’s see if they make it to the street!

1)      The small handbag: Gone are the days of the oversized handbag. Small shoulder bags, daytime clutches, evening clutches and satchels are hot for fall.

2)      Soft fabrics: Structured silhouettes made from soft fabrications such as velvet, cozy knits and silks are on trend for fall. Ditch the starch; it’s all about movement this season.

3)      Structured handbags: Although fabric is soft and flowing, handbags are stiffer than stiff. Look for this contrast when assembling your outfits. A structured handbag with a soft, flowing outfit is hot off the runway.

4)      The flat or “single-sole” shoe: Bye-bye platforms! Although a handful of designers are sticking to the stripper pump mantra, platforms are out. Look for flat, single soled shoes with a 1”-3” heel. Your feet will thank you and you will look fashion-forward. Love that!

5)      Black is the new black: No mystery here, black is back and no color on Earth can replace it.

6)      Below-the-knee: Ah, the ever-changing hemline! For fall 2013, look for hemlines which are below the knee. Hoochie dresses are out. Lady-like is in.

7)      Prints: This trend is continuing! Look for dresses, jeans, denim and suiting with prints.

8)      Single breasted coats and jackets: Fall 2013 is all about one row of buttons. Look for single breasted coats and jackets.

9)      Layers: Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, we are accustomed to dressing in layers. After all, who knows when the fog will roll in (or out) and surprise us! Apparently the rest of the world got the memo, layers are in. Thankfully we already know how to rock this trend. Please clap for the Bay Area. 

10)   Autumn hues: Can it be? Yes it can! Traditional fall colors are hot for the autumn season! When has this happened in recent history?! Look for rich shades of burgundy, dark mustard, olive green, forest green, (any green), navy, dark blue, (any blue), black with white, black with black, chocolate brown, dark brown hues, deep purples and orange.

11)   Leather: OK, we couldn’t keep it to ten trends, so here is a bonus trend! Leather is still hot. Look for skirts, pants, jackets, coats, shirts and more in both real and faux leather.

There you have it! The top ten trends (ahem-eleven) from New York, Milan, Paris and London. Now, it should be interesting to see which of these trends make it from the runways, to store shelves, and then to the streets! Only time will tell