Krakl by Duri Cosmetics makes the cracked nail polish trend new again

Cracked nail polish was a huge trend for nail art fanatics about a decade ago. In 2008 the trend started to creep back onto store shelves and onto the fingertips of daring nail art enthusiasts everywhere. By 2011 the trend has exploded into the most popular form of nail art for the season.

One of the big problems with many brands of cracked nail polish is that they do not always go on smoothly or crack in a very attractive fashion. Thankfully Duri Cosmetics has a line of cracked nail polish called, “Krakl” which goes on smoothly leaving a slight texture on the nail. Krakl also cracks in an attractive pattern and allows for the bottom coat to shine through in an appropriate manner.

In order to make sure Krakl is applied correctly, it is important to make sure the bottom base is completely dry before applying Krakl. You have the option of having wide cracks or thin cracks. For thin cracks, which give you more cracks, apply the Krakl coat in one thin layer. For wider cracks, Krakl can be applied in a thicker coat. For long lasting results, it is best to use a top coat.

Krakl is available in four colors, white, black, bright pink and classic red. For an understated look, it is best to pick an undercoat that is a few shades lighter than the Krakl coat. If you are looking for a bold “notice me” look, it is best to use a contrasting shade as the bottom coat such as hot pink under black or black under white.

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