Chanel Gris Obscur nail polish fall 2016

chanel gris obscur nail polish fall 2016 review

Pictured: Chanel Gris Obscur nail polish for fall 2016

Chanel Gris Obscur nail polish is a hot new nail polish color from Chanel for the fall 2016 season. This is a hue from Chanel’s second fall 2016 color release earlier this month. Gris Obscur is a deep, dark, black nail polish shade which almost seems like deep, chocolate brown in some light.

There are three nail polish trends going on right now during the autumn 2016 season. Designers favored metallic hues, red or berry hues, and shades of black. While lighter metallic colors, and berry shades, seemed right for early fall, black nail polish seems more appropriate as the weather cools off, and the skies grey.

I tested out Chanel Gris Obscur nail polish with one base coat, and two coats of color. Although I usually use a top coat, I did not use one this time because I wanted to see how the longwear nail colour would wear without protection. It stood up to it’s promise! Chanel Gris Obscur lasted a full week without chipping. Love that!

This nail color is extremely well blended. Chanel Gris Obscur glided on smoothly with each coat. There was zero clumping, streaking, or uneven color. Gris Obscur by Chanel was well produced, and it a great color to apply yourself. I love this shade!

Gris Obscur by Chanel is a fabulous black nail polish to wear now, until the holiday season. When the holidays start, we should see more metallic hues, and red shades again. Why not take a break and go black?! This will also be a great color to wear for Halloween, which is fast approaching. Do you still need a costume? I sure do! Yikes!

Black nail polish is great color have on-hand in your nail polish wardrobe. You can use it as a single color like I do, or you can use it for nail art. Chanel Gris Obscur nail polish is the perfect black to own, and keep around. I am so excited to have a black polish which does not streak, and wears so well!

If you want to try Chanel Gris Obscur nail polish, but would like an edgier look, I recommend trying it with a matte top coat. I plan on wearing it this way sometimes during the rest of the fall 2016 season. This is definitely a good color to wear matte!

You can find Chanel Gris Obscur nail polish online here, or here.

Five out of five stars!

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